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The Answers You Need

Why does CB Helps exists?


The Council Bluffs, Iowa, community needs an online resource that is concise, accurate, reliable and available 24 hours a day. CBHelps offers individuals needing help access to resources and human services professionals with a ready source of information to help their clients.  CBHelps is also a phone app for public servants (firefighters, police officers, etc.) to offer additional help to those in stress-filled situations.


What problems does CB Helps try to solve?


CBHelps is a web-enabled phone app for people in need. CBHelps connects the general public with resources, human services professionals, community organizations and public services to help themselves, their families and friends. This valuable resource can assist both adults and youth in discovering ways to assist themselves or others to find the help they need.

Why does Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC) exists?

The Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC) seeks to help improve the lives of people in our community through promoting the efforts of non-profit organizations/professionals, in and around Council Bluffs to maximize their impact and outreach. CBHelps is supported and maintained by HSAC members.

Whom to contact for more information?

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